Hardware wallet

How do you store your cryptocurrencies as safe as possible?

If you would like to purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you’ve come to the right place! Contrary to storing money in a bank, when you store your cryptocurrencies you are completely in control. This is the beauty of cryptocurrencies: you decide what happens to your coins.

But how do you store your cryptocurrencies safely? A hardware wallet is the best option. On this page we will explain everything about hardware wallets and you’ll find out why a hardware wallet is a safer storage method than an online wallet.

Everything you need to know about hardware wallets:

  • What is a hardware wallet?
  • How do I obtain a hardware wallet?
  • An overview of the most popular hardware wallets
  • How do I secure my coins using a hardware wallet?



What is a hardware wallet?

A wallet is similar to a digital bank account. Here you can send, receive, and manage your cryptocurrencies. A hardware wallet is a physical wallet. They come in all different shapes and sizes; the Ledger Nano S for example looks a lot like a USB stick.
A hardware wallet is one of the safest methods to store your cryptocurrencies. When using a hardware wallet, the access to your coins is encrypted by the device. This makes it safer than an online wallet for example.
When using an online wallet, the access to your wallet is stored online. If a website like gets hacked, there is a risk you will lose your coins. That risk isn’t there when you use a hardware wallet, since it uses offline storage.
In addition, hardware wallets are protected against unauthorized use with an extra PIN. If your hardware wallet gets stolen or lost, no one is able to access your coins without the PIN. With your backup seed you will regain access to your cryptocurrencies yourself. We’ll explain how to use the backup seed later.

How do I obtain a hardware wallet?

You can purchase a hardware wallet on the website of the manufacturers or from official retailers like us. We are a trustworthy official retailer, visit our hardware walletshop.
Sometimes, when the demand for cryptocurrencies is high, hardware wallets can’t be delivered directly from stock. This was the case late 2017, when loads of people bought cryptocurrencies and wanted to store them safely. The demand for hardware wallets increased and they were sold out pretty much everywhere.
Once you will choose your hard wallet one of our specialist will help you to setup and you will receive full instructions on how to make 1 st setup and use it.